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# Audio CD (December 2, 2002)
# Original Release Date: 1987
# Number of Discs: 1
# Format: FLAC
# Label: EMI Import
# Genre: Hard & Heavy

Originally released in 1987,as 'Wild...' was Helix's seventh record.One of the few Canadian bands I'd fully support anymore.I know,for a fact they still exist.Just all around good old school heavy rock(call it metal if you like).Most impressive tracks are the title cut "Wild In The Streets",their anthem(?)"Never Gonna Stop The Rock",their Nazareth cover,ballad "Dream On","Give 'Em Hell","High Voltage Kicks" and "Love Hungry Eyes".Would likely appeal to fans of AC ... Read more »
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Artist: Nazareth
Album: BBC Radio 1 Live in Concert
Released: 1991
Source: Windsong
Format: eac/ape 300mb


This live disc is a very good chronicle of a classic hard rock band who were very nearly at the top of their game. Granted, the concert that is chronicled here took place very early in their career, and many of their glory songs had yet to be written, let alone recorded. Still, the band's performance and the quality of the material showed that this was a group of musicians who were really deserving of bigger and better things. Don't expect to find such classics as "Hair of th ... Read more »
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Artist: Zbigniew Namyslowski Quartet
Album: The Last Concert
Released: 1992
Label: Polonia Records
Catalog: CD 002
Genre: Jazz
Format: EAC-APE-CUE-LOG-HQCovers
Extractor: Exact Audio Copy v0.99pb3
Codec: Monkey's Audio 3.97
Compression: High Lossless
Total Time: 67:51
Ripper: SurowyTato

Zbigniew Namyslowski has been in the limelight for almost 35 years. His appearance at Jazz Festival in Sopot in 1957 thrilled everyone: it is always so when we are brought face to face with an exceptional talent. In 1961 Namyslowski become the leader of his own group "Jazz Rockers" and ever s ... Read more »
Category: Jazz | Views: 1133 | Added: Rat | Data: 05.02.2010 | Comments (1)

Artist: Zbigniew Namyslowski Quartet
Album: s/t
Released: 1966/2004
Label: Polskie Nagrania
Catalog: XL 0305 / PNCD 306
Genre: Jazz
Format: EAC-APE-CUE-LOG-HQCovers
Extractor: Exact Audio Copy v0.99pb3
Codec: Monkey's Audio 3.97
Compression: High Lossless
Total Time: 50:40
Ripper: SurowyTato

"Jazz fills up my life. It means to me everything — said Namyslowski. — Playing in a quartet suits me best... Until recently I did not set great store by composition. But now to be successful one cannot merely play Horace Silver's themes and other people's arrangements. And so I have cr ... Read more »
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Artist: Ornette Coleman Trio
Album: At The Golden Circle, Volume One
Released: 1965/2002
Label: Blue Note Records
Catalog: BST 84224 / 7243 5 35518 2 7
Genre: Jazz
Format: EAC-APE-CUE-LOG-HQCovers
Extractor: Exact Audio Copy v0.99pb3
Codec: Monkey's Audio 3.97
Compression: High Lossless
Total Time: 75:43
Ripper: SurowyTato

Description :

From the start of the first piece, "Faces and Places," it is clear that this is an extraordinary CD. The sheer creativity of Ornette Coleman's improvising here would be miraculous at any time in jazz history; moreover, even by his own ... Read more »
Category: Jazz | Views: 632 | Added: Rat | Data: 05.02.2010 | Comments (0)

Ralph Towner
Gary Peacock
A Closer View | ECM

A Closer View is the successor to 1993's Oracle, a record described by Downbeat as "charming and thoughtful, conveying the familiarity and empathy of partners who have worked together for years. Towner and Peacock share a deep interest in Bill Evans' music, which manifests itself in the light touch, intricacy and sensitivity that pervade the session." Oracle was initiated as Peacock's project and featured primarily the bassist's compositions. A Closer View reverses the formula, highlighting Towner's pieces. There are seven new tunes from the guitarist and three off-the-cuff join ... Read more »
Category: Jazz | Views: 711 | Added: Rat | Data: 05.02.2010 | Comments (0)

Genre: Jazz - Fusion
Year: 1980
Format: EAC - APE - CUE - Full Covers (600dpi) - RAR
Source: CBS 463367 2
Extractor: EAC v0.95pb3
Codec: Monkey's Audio/MAC.exe, Extra High
Size: 249.27Mo
Relaser: fx


All things being relative, this is Weather Report's straightahead album, where the elaborate production layers of the late-'70s gave way to sparer textures and more unadorned solo improvisation in the jazz tradition, electric instruments and all. The flaw of this album is the shortage of really memorable compositions; it is more of a vehicle for the virtuosic feats of what is co ... Read more »
Category: Jazz | Views: 926 | Added: Rat | Data: 05.02.2010 | Comments (0)

01. Lost Eden [5:53]
02. From The Abyss [4:17]
03. Raindust [4:26]
04. Land & Freedom [5:16]
05. Fahrenheit [3:56]
06. Requiem From Nowhere [9:53]
07. Incoming [3:38]
08. The Battle Of Devas [10:13]
09. Le Vol D'icare [10:16]

Description :

Asura is an accomplished worldbeat trance trio whose French origins would explain the general but pervasive debt to electronic music pioneer Jean Michel Jarre displayed throughout this CD. Synthesized keyboards and sequencers, presumably provided by group leader and producer Charles Farewell, capture Jarre's signature combination of ambient bliss and i ... Read more »
Category: New Beats | Views: 779 | Added: Rat | Data: 05.02.2010 | Comments (0)



'We Are The Night' is the sixth studio album from Ed Simonsand Tom Rowland aka The Chemical Brothers. Recorded throughout 2006, the album sees the duo continue to develop their distinctive psychedelic big beat sound, collaborating with the likes of The Klaxons, Willy Mason and Midlake to create a hybrid of big beat, house, electro and rock. The stripped down electro pop single 'Do It Again' featuring vocals from Ali Love is also featured.


01. No Path To Follow
02. We Are The Night
03. All Rights Reversed (featuring Klaxons)
04. Saturate
... Read more »

Category: New Beats | Views: 791 | Added: Rat | Data: 05.02.2010 | Comments (0)

Artist: Jeffrey Osborne
Album: That's for Sure
Released: 2000
Source: BMG records
Genre: R&B/Urban
Format: Eac/ape/covers

The great thing about adult contemporary music is that it provides a format for artists whose place on the pop charts in the '50s, '60s, '70s, and '80s was supplanted by the hip-hop and teenyboppers of the '90s and early '00s. Jeffrey Osborne is one such classic soul voice way past his prime but still cranking out appealing music that can't help but reach emotional depths because his voice is so rich, deep, and powerful. The tunes here are all slickly produced, from the cool an ... Read more »
Category: New Beats | Views: 781 | Added: Rat | Data: 05.02.2010 | Comments (0)

Artist: Mick Harris
Album: Hednod Sessions
Released: 2004
Label: GPO / Adasam Ltd. / Hidden Art
Catalog: hi-art 20
Genre: Electronic
Style: Ambient Dub, Minimal Trip-Hop, Experimental
Extractor: Exact Audio Copy v0.95 prebeta 5
Codec: Monkey's Audio v3.99
Compression: High Lossless
Total Time: 72:14 (CD1), 73:44 (CD2)
Ripper: SurowyTato

Closely allied with post-industrial dub terrorists such as Bill Laswell, Techno Animal, James Plotkin, Robert Musso, and Anton Fier, Birmingham-based artist Mick Harris is something of a study in extremes. A drummer w ... Read more »
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Milky Lasers - Voyage (2005)

Artist: Pieno Lazeriai (Milky Lasers)
Title: Voyage
Styles: Electronic | Hardcore | Nu-Jazz | Adult Pop
Type: Album
Label: Phazz A Delic | 05051010
Year: 2005
Info: amazon.de | AMG


01. I‘m in Love 4:26
02. Born Again 3:22
03. Sea balance 4:00
04. Comfort 3:05
05. Never Fall 3:40
06. Robot is.. 2:40
07. Tai Chi 3:48
08. Sni Trava 5:06
09. Dance was over 1:4 ... Read more »

Category: New Beats | Views: 765 | Added: Rat | Data: 05.02.2010 | Comments (0)

Tracklist :
1. "Battery" (James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich) – 5:10
2. "Master of Puppets" (Hetfield, Ulrich, Cliff Burton, Kirk Hammett) – 8:38
3. "The Thing That Should Not Be" (Hetfield, Ulrich, Burton, Hammett) – 6:32
4. "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)" (Hetfield, Ulrich, Hammett) – 6:28
5. "Disposable Heroes" (Hetfield, Ulrich, Hammett) – 8:14
6. "Leper Messiah" (Hetfield, Ulrich) – 5:38
7. "Orion" (Hetfield, Burton, Ulrich) – 8:12
8. "Damage, Inc." (Hetfield, Ulrich, Burton, Hammett) – 5:08

Description :

Even though Master of Puppets didn't take as gigantic a leap forward as Ride the Lightning, it was the band's greatest achievement, hailed as a masterpiece by critics far outside heavy metal's core audience. It was also a substantial hit, reaching the Top 30 and selling three million copies despi ... Read more »

Category: Vinyl | Views: 729 | Added: Rat | Data: 04.02.2010 | Comments (0)

KAPITAN NEMO - In A Little While [VINYL]

Side A
1. Deception
2. Like A Moth Enchanted
3. Where Are You
4. In A Little While
5. Please Come In

Side B
6. Give Me All Your Love
7. Nothing Is Changing
8. A Letter To Sarah
9. Paris And You

Kapitan Nemo, czyli Bogdan Gajkowski, jest przedstawicielem elektronicznej odmiany rocka, uznawany za prekursora stylu new romantic w Polsce.

Urodził się w Warszawie, jest absolwentem Wydziału Filologii Angielskiej Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego. Zadebiutował - jeszcze pod własnym nazwiskiem - singlem Dzieci muzyki / Będzie niedziela, wydanym przez Tonpress, następnie prowadził - pierwszy w Polsce - zespół soulowy Magiczna Maszyna.

Pod nazwą Kapitan Nemo wystartował singlem Elektroniczna ... Read more »

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Extractor: EAC v0.99 pb4
Codec: Mokeys Audio v3.97
Compression: Normal
Archiver: WinRAR v3.61
Archive Contents: APE/CUE/LOG/COVER

Genre: Hip-Hop
Info: Bomba

Neabejoju, kad daugelis, kurie bent kiek domisi repu, pamenate kultinę, kažkada Lietuvoje egzistavusią grupę "Pompa”. Taigi, jie sugrįžo: jau kelios savaitės, kai parduotuvių lentynose galite rasti rinkinį "Projektas POMPA”. Jame gerai žinomas grupės "Pompa” dainas perdainuoja dabartiniai Lietuvos repo atstovai. biggrin.gif

Iš vienos pusės, esu šiek tiek skeptiškos nuomonės apie tokius dalykus. Nepatinka senų d ... Read more »

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1. Ku przyszłości
2. Spytaj milicjanta
3. Szara rzeczywistość
4. Wojna głupców
5. Nas nie ma
6. Uległość

7. Dzieci z brudnej ulicy
8. Ciemny Pokój
9. Gazety mówią
10. Co za świat

11. Na ulice
12. Jestem drzewo, jestem ptak
13. Jeżeli...
14. Aguirre
15. Trzy znaki
16. Saluto

17. Każdy się boi swojej paranoi
18. O! Jaki dziwny, dziwny, dziwny

19. Ja stoję, ja tańczę, ja walczę
20. Ludzie wschodu

21. 1914
22. Liban

Quote ... Read more »
Category: OST, Campilation | Views: 576 | Added: Rat | Data: 04.02.2010 | Comments (0)

1. Nie Daj Się Zabić 03:32
2. Siodma Czytanka Dla Janka 04:11
3. Oddech Rosji 04:22
4. Calkiem Inny Kraj 05:50
5. Bujanie W Oblokach 04:04
6. Rzeczy Do Zrobienia 03:48
7. Gdy Mówię Jestem 06:17
8. Adrenalina 04:54
9. Z Życia Idola 04:26
10. Cyganska Pieśń Miłosna 02:07
11. Ołowiana Kula 05:03
12. Kołysanka Dla Nieznajomej 03:34

Co do mozliwosci nabycia tego albumu... Pojedyncze egzeplarze mozna spotkac od czasu do czasu na Allegro, wiec tutaj proponuje zaczac poszukiwania. Zaznaczam, ze jesli juz uda sie ja namierzyc, cena koncowa aukcji zwykle przekracza ... Read more »
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Artist: Puhdys
Album: Puhdys-Melodia
Released: 1978
Label: Melodia
Genre: rock
Format: EAC-FLAC

ВИА "Пудис" (Puhdys) - Германская демократическая республика

организован в 1969 году

Пятеро из Берлина.
Когда в Германской Демократической Республике заходит речь об этом ансамбле, молодежь обычно единодушна в выражении своих симпатий. Вот уже пять лет подряд, согласно опросам журнала "Новая жизнь", "Пудис" - самая популярная группа в республике. Люди постарше, быть может, не столь единодушны, но отдают ему должное и признают, что у его песен серьезное и интересное содержание.
Как считают сами "Пудисы" - а о ... Read more »

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<I>Disc: 1 </I>
1. Time again
2. Wildest dreams
3. One step closer
4. Roundabout
5. Without you
6. Cutting it fine
7. Intersection blues
8. Fanfare for the common man
9. The smile has left your eyes

<I>Disc: 2 </I>
1. Don't cry
2. In the court of the crimson king
3. Here comes the feeling
4. Video killed the radio star
5. The heat goes on
6. Only time will tell
7. Sole survivor
8. Ride easy
9. Heat of the moment
Review by Thom Jurek

As a band Asia were able to do what few from t ... Read more »
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Artist: Pink Floyd
Album: Is There Anybody Out There? (The Wall Live 1980-81)
Released: April 18, 2000
Source: EMI (5235622)
Genre: Art-Rock
Links: Official Site / RYM

File Format: EAC, APE, No Scans

:eng: PROG ARCHIVES. This album occaisionally is better than the studio version in some aspects, especially instrumentation. It sports some much improved guitar and sythesizer work as well as the occaisional added drum improvisation and bass. The music here is more effective than the studio version, but the vocals are lacking a bit. WATERS just isn't a that good of a singer live. Since it is live, ... Read more »
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Artist: The Alan Parsons Project
Album: Lime Light - The Best Of
Released: 1987
Genre: Soft/art rock
Format: eac-ape.covers

The 1987 Limelight Album on Arista Records is actually a Best Off Volume 2, includes the title track & hypnotic tracks I Robot & Mammagamma
Vaue: Unlisted
Condition: Sleeve is in good condirtion with only the slightest bumping. Record is clean, unmarked plays well without noise

01. Limelight [0:04:41.00]
02. The Same Old Sun [0:05:25.25]
03. Ammonia Avenue [0:06:32.50]
04. Mammagamma [0:03:35.25]
05. Since The Last Good ... Read more »

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Genre: Rap, Acid Jazz, Hip-Hop, Urban ...
Year: 1992
Format: EAC - WV - CUE - Full covers (300dpi) - RAR
Source: Acid Jazz / London Records (828335.2)
Extractor: EAC v099pb3
Codec: Wavpack 4.41
Size: 247.25 Mo
Relaser: fx

Tracklist :

01. Bonafied Funk (3:58) Simon Bartholomew _ Jan Kincaid _ Andrew Levy _ Kevin McKenzie _ McKenzie, S _ Mitchell, P.
02. It's Gettin Hectic (4:00) Simon Bartholomew _ Elan, K. _ Jan Kincaid _ Andrew Levy
03. Who Makes The Loot? (3:24) Simon Bartholomew _ Dixon, W. _ Jan Kincaid _ Andrew Levy
04. Wake Me When I'm Dead (3:41) Simon Bartholomew _ Clear, D. _ Jan Kincaid _ Andrew Levy
05. Jump N' Move (3:18) Simon Bartholomew _ Jan Kincaid _ Andrew Levy _ Mitchell, J.
06. Death Threat (3:21) Simon Bartholo ... Read more »

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Artist: Tasmin Archer
Album: Great Expectations
Released: 1992
Source: EMI
Genre: Urban,Adult Contemporary
Format: eac.ape.284mb

Brit vocalist Tasmin Archer maps out some interesting terrain somewhere between Seal and Tracy Chapman on her debut Great Expectations — a layered, well-produced mix of acoustic and synthetic instrumentation overlaid with committed, soulful vocals. Lead track "Sleeping Satellite" was a hit in several parts of Europe, and it's a hypnotic, fashionably retro-psych-soul beauty. That track is backstopped by several more solid contenders, including a sombre-yet-vibrant "In Your Care," an emotionally honest "Ripped Inside," and the uncharacteristically forceful "Somebody's Daughter." While perhaps not living up to the album title, there are enough good ones (and one great one) here to make ... Read more »

Category: Mainstream | Views: 776 | Added: Rat | Data: 04.02.2010 | Comments (1)

Date of Release: Apr 16, 2007

Genre: Rap
Styles: Urban, Pop/Rock, Alternative Dance

Label: Sony / BMG (88697080032)

Amazon Review:

On Version, British-born, New York-bred DJ Mark Ronson cocks a sideways glance at some of the bigger UK chart hits of the last few years, plus a couple of old favourites. Formerly producer for an all-star cast that includes Lily Allen, Christina Aguilera, Robbie Williams, and Amy Winehouse, here Ronson has cajoled some of his famous mates into repaying the favour. The result? An album of A-list karaoke that at times, struggles to transcend its novelty, but nonetheless throws up some fun reversions. The uniting factor is Ronson's band - a live-sounding band augmented with trumpets, saxophones, piano and strings which, to its credit, puts enough of a stamp on the material that no single artist steals the sh ... Read more »

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STYLE: electropop
SIZE: 274 MB

Легкий синтпоп и приятный, фотогеничный внешний вид сделали английскую группу Kajagoogoo сенсацией на заре развития MTV. Первоначально квинтет состоял из: вокалиста Лимала (Limahl) (анаграмма от первоначального имени Хэмилл (Chris Hamill), гитариста Стива Аскью (Steve Askew) вокалиста/бас-гитариста Ника Бегса (Nick Beggs) и клавишника Стюарта Кроуфорда (Stuart Crawford). Спроюсированный членом группы Duran Duran Ником Родсом (Nick Rhodes) дебютный сингл Kajagoogoo "Too Shy" поднялся до первого места в английских чартах в начале 1983 года, достиг ... Read more »
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Artist: Ricchi & Poveri
Album: Mamma Maria
Released: 1982
Source: Baby records
Genre: pop/dance
Format: Eac/ape/covers

Ricchi e Poveri is one of the most famous Italian pop music groups in Europe and Latin America. In 1970s and 1980s it have sold over 20 million records. The group was formed in 1968 by Franco Gatti, Angela Brambati, Angelo Sotgiu and Marina Occhiena. Their first public appearance was in Cantagiro 1968 with "L'ultimo amore". Ricchi e Poveri has participated in Sanremo Music Festival several times since 1970. Ricchi e Poveri represented Italy in Eurovision Song Contest 1978 with song "Questo A ... Read more »
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Artist: Spandau Ballet
Album: Journeys To Glory
Year: 1981
Label: Chrysalis
Style: New Romantic/pop/rock

The roots of the complaint that British synth pop acts were all haircuts and no skill lie in the new romantic movement, despite the fact that several of its associated bands (Ultravox, Duran Duran, Visage) were musically quite credible. Spandau Ballet's first album, however, generally lived up -- or down, perhaps -- to that assessment, showcasing the sound of a group not quite ready for prime time. To be fair, the teenaged quintet did offer a hint or two of promise; the first single, "To Cut a ... Read more »
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Artist: Thomas Dolby
Album: The Flat Earth
Year: 1984
Label: Amiga
Style: new wave/romantic
Format: Eac-ape-covers

Exceptionally mature for a sophomore release, The Flat Earth holds up considerably well since its 1984 release. This staying power belongs to a fantastic ensemble of supporting players as much as to Dolby's songwriting and crisp production. "Dissidents" steps in cautiously and conjures images of blacklisted authors and ugly snow, gray from oppression. Here and elsewhere, Matthew Seligman's bass is a welcome addition -- throughout the album his work is lavish, growling, popping through octaves, funk-a-fied and twink ... Read more »
Category: Mainstream | Views: 573 | Added: Rat | Data: 04.02.2010 | Comments (0)


1. Black Sabbath
2. Wizard, The
3. Wasp / Behind The Wall Of Sleep / Bassically / N.I.B.
4. Wicked World
5. A Bit Of Finger / Sleeping Village / Warning
6. Evil Woman - (bonus track)


1. War Pigs / Luke's Wall
2. Paranoid
3. Planet Caravan
4. Iron Man
5. Electric Funeral
6. Hand Of Doom
7. Rat Salad
8. Jack The Stripper / Fairies Wear Boots


1. Sweet Leaf
2. After Forever
3. Embryo
4. Children Of The Grave
5. Orchid
6. Lord Of This World
7. Solitude
8. Into The Void


1. Wheels Of Confusion / The Straightener
2. Tomorrow's Dream
3. Changes
4. FX
5. Supernaut
6. Snowblind
7. Cornucopia
8. Laguna Sunris ... Read more »

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# Original Release Date: 2009
# Quality: eac - flac
# Label: Magic Circle
# Genere: HMR

Manowar is an American heavy metal band from Auburn, New York, formed in 1980. They are known for writing lyrics with an emphasis on the heavy metal genre itself, fantasy (particularly sword and sorcery), themselves and mythological topics, particularly Norse mythology. Manowar's sound is loud and bombastic; in an interview for MTV in February 2007, bassist Joey DeMaio lamented that "these days, there's a real lack of big, epic metal that is drenched with crushing guitars and choirs and orchestras ... so it's nice to be one of the few ... Read more »
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Artist: UFO
Album: The Visitor
Genre: Hard Rock
Year: 2009
Format: Eac/WavPack


Like Saturday Night Live, UFO have had plenty of creative ups and downs over the years but have often demonstrated that one should never give up on them. The veteran hard rockers have recorded some superb albums along the way, and they have recorded some weak, lackluster albums, too. But even when they let their followers down on occasion, UFO have had a way of bouncing back and giving those followers new reasons to be optimistic. The Visitor, it turns out, is a respectable 40th anniversary present from UFO, who were formed in 1969 and remained active ... Read more »
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EAC - APE - No Covers
rip&rel by GenderBender

Classical / Opera
EAC v0.95b4, secure, no cache, no C2, MAC 3.99
602 MB

Mady Mesplé (March 7, 1931) is a French opera singer, the leading high coloratura soprano of her generation in France, sometimes heralded as the successor to Mado Robin.

Mady Mesplé was born in Toulouse, France, and studied piano and voice at the music conservatory of her native city, graduating with a gold medal. She played the piano in a local ballroom orchestra for a while, and later left for Paris for complementary voice lessons with French soprano J ... Read more »

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Artist: The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Album: Hooked On Classics
Released: 1982
Source: K-tel International (UK) Ltd. (75035)
Genre: Classical
Format: eac-ape-cue-log-covers – rar 304 Mb


Louis Clark, former arranger for Electric Light Orchestra, conducted the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra playing a collection of very recognizable extracts from classical music pieces played over a continuous beat (sometimes an overtly disco fast beat, sometimes a slower and more subtle rhythm) which linked the segments together. This is called the Symphonic Rock or Orchestrated Ro ... Read more »
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Stanisław Moniuszko, Jacek Kaspszyk - "Straszny Dwór"

Tracklist :
1. Akt I - Intrada
2. Akt I - Więc gdy sie rozstaniem, przed słońca świtaniem
3. Akt I - Ach! Pani Marto, mówcie szczerze
4. Akt I - Cichy domku...w cieniu drzew
5. Akt I - Witam was, witam was kochane dzieciska!
6. Akt I - Biada!...Już zebrała się gromada!
7. Akt II - Spod igiełek kwiaty rosną
8. Akt II - Biegne słuchać w lasy, w knieje dziewczę gdyby kwiat
9. Akt II - Gdzież postawić to naczynie?
10. Akt II - Ślicznie! Jak widzę dziewczęta moje
11. Akt II - Juz ogień płonie, ku naszej stronie padają skry
12. Akt II - Kto z mych dziewek serce której
13. Akt II - To niespodzianka! Pani Cześnikowa
14. Akt II - Traf szczególny! Próżne gniewy, ... Read more »

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Artist: Manny Charlton
Album: drool
Released: by rat
Genre: hard'N'heavy
Format: eac.ape

Сформированный в 1968 в Данфермлайне, Шотландия, Nazareth был создан на основе местной группы Shadettes. Дэн Маккаферти (Dan McCafferty) (вокал),[GLOWORANGE] Мэнни Чарлтон (Manny Charlton) (гитара), [/GLOWORANGE] Пит Эгню (Pete Agnew) (бас) и Даррел Свит (Darrell Sweet) (ударник) дали новое название группе, соответствующее библейскому палестинскому городу. После завершения тура по Шотландии, Nazareth решил двинуть в Лондон. Первые два диска "Nazareth" и "Exercises" были бесспорно многообещающими, но первый успех ... Read more »
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Artist: Cold Chisel
Album: Twentieth Century
Released: 1984
Genre:Aussie Rock
Format: eac/ape

During breaks in the tour, Twentieth Century was recorded. It was a fragmentary process, spread across various studios and sessions as the individual members often refused to work together, but nonetheless successful. Released in February 1984, it reached No. 1 upon release and included the songs "Saturday Night" and "Flame Trees", both of which remain radio staples. "Flame Trees", co-written by Prestwich and Walker, took its title from the BBC series The Flame Trees of Thika although it was lyrically inspired by the organist' ... Read more »
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Artist: Queen
Album: Greatest Hits, Vol. 2
Released: 2001
Source: EMI
Genre: hard rock
Format: eac.ape.463mb


Released just about a month before Freddie Mercury's untimely death in November 1991, a second best-of collection titled Greatest Hits, Vol. 2, was issued in England only. While the album was resequenced (with other tracks added) and released as Classic Queen in the U.S. in 1992, Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 features all of the band's European hits from 1982 through 1991. Since 1981's Greatest Hits went on to become one of the best-selling albums of all time in Queen's homeland (spending 63 w ... Read more »
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Artist: Matt Bianco
Album: Matt's Mood
Released: 2004
Source: Pelican cat# pn 14114
Genre: Pop,new jazz
Format: eac-ape

Matt Bianco, in partnership with Universal Music, rejuvenated the mystical harmonies that once adorned the 80�s and brought forth �Matt�s Mood,� a unique and visionary effort brought forth by Mark Reilly, Danny White, and the seductive tones of Basia Trzetrzelewska - all whom wrote and produced this entire project the way it should have been.

Without skipping a beat, Matt Bianco continued where they ended, only leaving most of the past behind and successfully igniting the rebirth. The melodies and tempos ... Read more »

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Artist: Kitaro
Album: Best Of Volume 2
Released: 1999
Genre: New Age
Format: eac-ape.covers

Kitaro's style is the epitome of the contemplative, highly melodic synthesizer music often associated with the new-age movement. Interestingly enough, this famous Japanese composer taught himself to play electric guitar in high school -- inspired by the R&B music of Otis Redding. In the early '70s, Kitaro formed the Far East Family Band, which released two albums of progressive rock. In 1972, however, he met the innovative German synthesist Klaus Schulze during a trip to Europe. Kitaro was hooked. He built his first synthes ... Read more »
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Album: Yanni
Artist: Live at The Acropolis
Source: BMG
Realease: 1994
Genre: New Age
Quality: eac-ape-covers


It's no surprise that Yanni is most identified with this amazingly powerful experience (also presented as one of PBS' most popular concerts ever), because it seems like the musical project he was most destined to make. After making millions stateside, he returns to the historic ancient Acropolis of his Greek homeland to share his sweeping music with his countrymen. One of the most impressive aspects of Yanni in this live setting is the way his beautiful piano passages blend with the occasiona ... Read more »
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# Audio CD: Adam Ant - Vive Le Rock
# Original Release Date: May 3, 2005
# Genre: punk/new wave
# Label: epic Records
# Format: eac-ape


Vive Le Rock is Adam's most overly rocking album. Great loud guitars, Americanisms and Americana. Space Cowboys playing T.REX songs.

The album has it's share of great songs. The great ELO-esque title track. The loud rocking "Miss Thing". The barroom-piano of "Mohair Lockeroom Pin-Up Boys". The T.Rex sounding "Rip Down". The catchy and ultra-busy "Apollo 9" single. The weirdly catchy "No Zap", Scorpio Rising", "Hell's Eight Acres". Adam's songs are great and Marco ... Read more »

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# Audio CD: Midge Ure - 10
# Original Release Date: (29 Sep 2008)
# Genre: New wave
# Label: Hypertension
# Format: eac-ape

You can tell these songs are personal to Midge by the way they have not been done with huge over production. He has kept them simple and by doing so has made one of his most emotional records. Nevermore is the standout for me, the only dissapointment is that 'little girl in bloom' is not included, a Thin Lizzy track he sometime performs live. It took a couple of listens before it grabbed me but now I have to say that ten is an excellent album. Emotional and sometimes raw. Well done Midge
< ... Read more »
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