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Main » 2010 » July » 23 » Michael Schenker - Unforgiven (1998)
Michael Schenker - Unforgiven (1998)

Artist: Michael Schenker
Album: Unforgiven
Released: 1998
Source: Shrapnel cat# sh 11262
Genre: hard'n'heavy
Format: EAC/APE


While a very different supporting cast joins Michael Schenker on Unforgiven, this 1999 collection of hard-rocking numbers and swirling guitar solos echoes the return to classic M.S.G. form first accomplished on 1996's Written in the Sand. As the guitarist proved decades ago, there's no mystical chemistry, no mysteriously unifying combination of talents necessary for Schenker to kick out the old-school heavy metal jams with verve and style. Great songwriting? Well, that's another story, but Schenker's appeal was always his energetic guitar performances and rich tone — of which there is plenty of on Unforgiven. Highlights include the old-time metal riffing on "Fat City N.O." and "Pilot of Your Soul," but there's plenty more where these satisfying throwbacks came from, as each number confidently delivers on the promise of Schenker's talent. Ex-Baton Rouge vocalist Kelly Keeling maintains a strong presence with his Coverdale growling that while excessive, manages to stay out of Schenker's way. The two make a good pair, confident, stylized and unapologetically grounded in their '80s roots. Anyone who is at all inclined to buy traditional metal discs from the masters 20 years removed from their best work should consider Unforgiven, a satisfyingly nostalgic and muscular recording.

Track List:
1 Rude Awakening Keeling, Schenker 5:04
2 The Mess I've Made Keeling, Schenker 4:33
3 In and Out of Time Keeling, Schenker 3:47
4 Hello Angel Keeling, Schenker 5:15
5 Fat City N.O. Keeling, Schenker 4:18
6 Tower Keeling, Schenker 5:13
7 Pilot of Your Soul Keeling, Schenker 4:27
8 Forever and More Keeling, Schenker 5:45
9 Turning off the Emotion Keeling, Schenker 5:17
10 Live for Today Keeling, Schenker 4:42
Illusion Keeling, Schenker 3:59
12 The Storm Keeling, Schenker 5:18


EAC extraction logfile from 5. January 2007, 14:23 for CD
Michael Schenker Group / The Unforgiven

Used drive  : SAMSUNG CD-R/RW SW-248F   Adapter: 0  ID: 0
Read mode   : Secure with NO C2, accurate stream, disable cache
Combined read/write offset correction : 97
Overread into Lead-In and Lead-Out : No

Used output format : Internal WAV Routines
                      44.100 Hz; 16 Bit; Stereo

Other options      :  
     Fill up missing offset samples with silence : Yes
     Delete leading and trailing silent blocks : No
     Installed external ASPI interface

Range status and errors
Selected range
      Filename E:\Michael Schenker Group - The Unforgiven.by.rat.eac-ape-HQ.covers\Michael Schenker Group - The Unforgiven.by.rat.eac-ape-HQ.covers.wav

      Peak level 98.8 %
      Range quality 100.0 %
      CRC 120CBF9F
      Copy OK

No errors occured

End of status report


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