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Artist: The Brian Setzer Orchestra
Album: Guitar Slinger
Released: 1996
Source: Interscope
Genre: Rockabilly
Format: eac/ape

On his second Orchestra album and fourth solo album overall, Brian Setzer extends the genre exercise in jump blues he first tackled on The Brian Setzer Orchestra album. Of course, Setzer, best known as the singer/guitarist from the Stray Cats, is no stranger to retro stylings, and the guitar-dominated, yet horn-filled arrangements of the orchestra are not all that far removed from the Cats' rockabilly update, especially given Setzer's fervent singing and characteristic lead work. (A new version of the Cats' "Rumble in Brighton" fits right in.) And he's not shy, leading off with a Stevie Ray Vaughan cover, "The House Is Rockin'," swaggering his way through the Gene Pitn ... Read more »

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Artist: INXS
Album: Welcome to Wherever You Are
Released: 1992
Source: Atlantic
Genre: pop rock/new wave
Format: eac.ape.309mb

Although INXS needed to experiment badly, their attempt at self-reinvention, Welcome to Wherever You Are, didn't even come close to gaining commercial or critical acceptance. From the start of the album, it's clear that INXS are out to confuse the standard perceptions of the band; the first instrument on the album is an Eastern-flavored horn. Special recording effects and exotic rhythms and sounds are abundant on the album. Evidently, the pop audience didn't care about INXS anymore, since nobody bought the album. And that is a shame, since it is one of their strongest.

Track List:
1 Questions Farriss 2:07
2 Heaven Sent Farriss 3:16
3 Communication Farriss, Hutchence 5:18
... Read more »

Category: Alternative | Views: 289 | Added: Rat | Data: 19.07.2010 | Comments (0)

Artist: Ten Years After
Album: Stonedhenge
Released: 2002
Source: Dream
Genre: rock/blues
Format: eac/ape


Ten Years After is a British blues-rock quartet consisting of Alvin Lee (born December 19, 1944), guitar and vocals; Chick Churchill (born January 2, 1949), keyboards; Leo Lyons (born November 30, 1944) bass; and Ric Lee (born October 20, 1945), drums. The group was formed in 1967 and signed to Decca in England. Their first album was not a success, but their second, the live Undead (1968) containing "I'm Going Home," a six-minute blues workout by the fleet-fingered Alvin, hi ... Read more »
Category: Classic rock | Views: 346 | Added: Rat | Data: 19.07.2010 | Comments (0)

Artist: Iron Maiden
Album: A Matter Of Life And Death [Ltd.Ed.]
Released: 2006
Source: EMI
Format: EAC-WV, cue'n log, some webfound Covers


Description :

"Nothing is gonna come between us and our fans, and it will be death before dishonour - this is Iron Fucking Maiden!" That was Bruce Dickinson, speaking out under a hail of eggs and detritus at last years's Ozzfest isn San Bernardino, California, during one of the most controversial and infamous incidents in recent rock history. That, my friends, is a frontman.

While Maiden have respectfully distanced themselves ... Read more »

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Artist: Glenn Hughes
Album: The Way It Is
Released: 1999
Source: Shrapnel
Genre: hard rock
Format: eac/ape



This album is my favorite from this performer. There is so much personality to this record. The title track kicks things off with a smooth, melodic flow and the journey begins. Hughes' voice is unbelievable and he is one of the most underappreciated rock talents of all time. There are some rockers on here as well. Great album.

Personnel includes: Glenn Hughes (vocals, bass). Personnel: Glenn Hughes (vocals, bass guitar); Marc Bonilla (guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, Mell ... Read more »

Category: Classic rock | Views: 333 | Added: Rat | Data: 19.07.2010 | Comments (0)

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