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Released 1988
Genre pop/eurodance
Length 48:16
Quality EAC-APE

Being in Paris for the very first time in 1988...Seeing a very striking video called "John" performed by an Artist named Desireless...thinking, "Is This A Man or Woman?"...I keep hearing "John" and "Voyage Voyage" as I wander about this fantastic city...Return to the States & order, via import catalogue, this amazing CD....It's 2001 and "Francois" continues to hold up incredibly well. If you like Euro-Dance/Pop that's finely crafted, extremely hypnotic with a singer that cannot be beat, you will more than enjoy this one!
... Read more »
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Genre: pop/dance
Year: 2010
Format : flac
Codec: FLAC 1.1.2

Thomas Anders (born Bernd Weidung, 1 March 1963, Koblenz, West Germany) is a German singer, composer and record producer. Anders was the lead singer of Germany's popular pop-duo Modern Talking in 1984–1987 and in 1998–2003.

01. Why do you cry [0:03:40.03]
02. Make you [0:03:34.69]
03. Stay with me [0:03:56.63]
04. Suddenly [0:03:24.19]
05. Stop [0:03:09.27]
06. You will be mine [0:04:06.54]
07. Music dance ... Read more »
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# Original Release Date: August 11, 2009
# Number of Discs: 1
# Format: flac
# Label: Universal Int'l
# Genre: New wave, indie

I hadn't listened to Simple Minds in years since a lot of their radio hits. I'm probably one of those music listeners, while keeping up with many bands over the years that haven't dis-banded and I personally like, I never really kept an eye on this band. I always like Kerr's voice so it just came down to the music and if it was too poppy then it wasn't for me. No matter. Anyway, this latest release that I downloaded is quite a treat. I really don't think there's ... Read more »
Category: Mainstream | Views: 506 | Added: Rat | Data: 19.03.2010 | Comments (0)

Artis: Madness
Album: Live In NY
Genre: SKA
Format: Flac-Ape
Size: 295 mb


this is an excellent album its as good as it gets with an ace version of swan lake its got to be worth the money. The perfect album for the die hard fan! this band are best at live performances its one you can't afford to miss. The best live band in the world EVER!

I remember ordering this years ago and impatiently waiting for it to arrive from the States. It was well worth the wait. Madness as they should be heard, LIVE! Possibly the best live album ever!

01. House Of Fun [0:03:34.45]
02. D ... Read more »

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Released : 26 September 1983
Recorded : The Garden, London 1983
Genre : New wave, Synthpop, Psychedelic rock
Length : 44:49
Label : Virgin
Producer : Zeus B. Held, John Foxx


The Golden Section spent three weeks in the UK charts, peaking at #27. "Endlessly", released as a single in July 1982 in a different mix to the album version, made #66 in the UK. "Your Dress" was issued concurrently with the album in September 1983, reaching #61. The album's final single, "Like a Miracle", was released in October but did not chart. Foxx embarked on a tour to promote the album in late 1983, and live recordings from the Dominion and Lyceum The ... Read more »
Category: Mainstream | Views: 357 | Added: Rat | Data: 06.03.2010 | Comments (0)

01 - Gabriel’s Message
02 - Soul Cake
03 - There Is No Rose Of Such Virtue
04 - The Snow It Melts The Soonest
05 - Christmas At Sea
06 - Lo How A Rose E’er Blooming
07 - Cold Song
08 - The Burning Babe
09 - Now Winter Comes Slowly
10 - The Hounds Of Winter
11 - Balulalow
12 - Cherry Tree Carol
13 - Lullaby For An Anxious Child
14 - The Hurdy-Gurdy Man
15 - You Only Cross My Mind In Winter

Bonus tracks:
16. Bethlehem Down
17. Blake's Cradle Song

If On a Winter's Night... is a studio album from British musician Sting. It was released on October 27, 2009 in the United States and November 2, 2009 in the United Kingdom.[citation needed] The album was relea ... Read more »

Category: Mainstream | Views: 760 | Added: Rat | Data: 27.02.2010 | Comments (0)

# Original Release Date: 1987
# Number of Discs: 1
# Format: Flac
# Label: Sony/Columbia
# Genre: New romantics/pop

Peter Kingsbery and Anna LaCazio combined on this 80's album to create some really nice sounds. Their duets work very well..nice passion in their vocals. The songs here are all very well written with nice harmony...nothing discording. I'm not sure how well this album sold in the U.S. but Cock Robin was one of the bright sounds that came out of the 80's. After all these years, I still give this album a is that good. There are several songs that did get play time...'Just Around the Co ... Read more »
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Label: Universal Records
Source: CD, Album
Release date: 2009
Quality: flac / lossless
Size: 365 MB
Style: Synthpop

Yello's sound is mainly characterized by unusual music samples, a heavy reliance on rhythm and Dieter Meier's dark voice. Boris Blank has taken a couple of vocal turns; on "Swing" (from You Gotta Say Yes to Another Excess) and "Blazing Saddles" (from Flag), and guest vocalists have included Rush Winters (the first female diva to be featured on a Yello recording), Billy MacKenzie, Stina Nordenstam, Jade Davies and Shirley Bassey. The group has shared writing credit with MacKenzie and Winters. Yello rarely uses samples from previousl ... Read more »
Category: Mainstream | Views: 399 | Added: Rat | Data: 07.02.2010 | Comments (0)

Artist: Tasmin Archer
Album: Great Expectations
Released: 1992
Source: EMI
Genre: Urban,Adult Contemporary
Format: eac.ape.284mb

Brit vocalist Tasmin Archer maps out some interesting terrain somewhere between Seal and Tracy Chapman on her debut Great Expectations — a layered, well-produced mix of acoustic and synthetic instrumentation overlaid with committed, soulful vocals. Lead track "Sleeping Satellite" was a hit in several parts of Europe, and it's a hypnotic, fashionably retro-psych-soul beauty. That track is backstopped by several more solid contenders, including a sombre-yet-vibrant "In Your Care," an emotionally honest "Ripped Inside," and the uncharacteristically forceful "Somebody's Daughter." While perhaps not living up to the album title, there are enough good ones (and one great one) here to make ... Read more »

Category: Mainstream | Views: 542 | Added: Rat | Data: 04.02.2010 | Comments (1)

STYLE: electropop
SIZE: 274 MB

Легкий синтпоп и приятный, фотогеничный внешний вид сделали английскую группу Kajagoogoo сенсацией на заре развития MTV. Первоначально квинтет состоял из: вокалиста Лимала (Limahl) (анаграмма от первоначального имени Хэмилл (Chris Hamill), гитариста Стива Аскью (Steve Askew) вокалиста/бас-гитариста Ника Бегса (Nick Beggs) и клавишника Стюарта Кроуфорда (Stuart Crawford). Спроюсированный членом группы Duran Duran Ником Родсом (Nick Rhodes) дебютный сингл Kajagoogoo "Too Shy" поднялся до первого места в английских чартах в начале 1983 года, достиг ... Read more »
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