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Artist: Billy Idol
Album: Whiplash Smile
Released: 1986
Source: Chrysalis
Genre: post punk
Format: eac/ape 261mb


Although it was ultimately an unsatisfying album, failing to live up to the promise of its fabulous single, "To Be a Lover," Whiplash Smile still burned clean with an immediately recognizable 1980s energy. Like Billy Idol himself, who affected the punk archetype but cut it with a two-dimensional, cartoonish plasticity perfect for the decade, Whiplash Smile expands on the sound of the 1983 breakthrough Rebel Yell while cleverly leaving its key elements unchanged. Idol's ... Read more »
Category: Alternative | Views: 428 | Added: Rat | Data: 07.09.2010 | Comments (0)

Artist: Andi Deris
Album: Done By Mirrors
Released: 2000
Source: Massacre Records MAS CD0247
Genre: power/metal/hard
Format: eac/ape 262mb


Second solo album from the Helloween and ex-Pink 69 singer Andy Deris. 11 tracks including 'Let Your Love Fly Free' and 'Dangerous'. 2000 release. Standard jewel case

Track List:

01. Let Your Love Fly Free (4:23)
02. Dangerous (3:37)
03. The Best You Don't Need To Pay For (3:50)
04. Harvest (1:18)
05. Free (3:11)
06. Did It All For You (4:22)
07. A Little Bit More Each Day (3: ... Read more »

Category: Hard & Heavy | Views: 333 | Added: Rat | Data: 07.09.2010 | Comments (0)

Artist: Ian Gillan
Album: Naked Thunder
Released: 1990
Source: teldec
Genre: hard rock
Format: eac/ape 304mb

Description :

It was a long time coming but Naked Thunder was the first really decent solo album that Gillan released. To the casual listener there may appear to be little noticeable difference, but there have been subtle changes introduced which, alongside some excellent material, has rejuvenated the old stager. Depending less upon the synthetic power of the instrumentation and more on the natural power of Gillan's voice, Na ... Read more »
Category: Classic rock | Views: 327 | Added: Rat | Data: 07.09.2010 | Comments (0)

Artist: JACKYL
Album: Cut The Crap
Released: 1997
Source: Sony
Genre: hard/southern
Format: eac/ape 275mb


The Georgia-based pop-metal band Jackyl defied trends in popular music by forming in 1990, just as alternative music was breaking into the mainstream. Unlike most '80s hair metal bands, the group expanded their following even after their sound became unfashionable. Jackyl's eponymous 1992 debut, which featured hard rock hits like "The Lumberjack," "I Stand Alone" and "Down on Me," sold over a million copies, while their 1994 follow-up Push Comes to Shove, though not as succ ... Read more »
Category: Hard & Heavy | Views: 447 | Added: Rat | Data: 07.09.2010 | Comments (0)

Artist: Gillan
Album: Double Trouble
Released: 1981
Source: Virgin
Genre: hard rock
Format: eac/ape 467mb


Gillan signed to Virgin Records and scored a British singles chart entry with "Sleeping on the Job" in June 1980, followed by Glory Road, which peaked in the Top Five and charted briefly in the U.S. (Ian Gillan's albums got little or no distribution in America; in 1990, Metal Blade reissued his catalog.) Thus established, Gillan scored a series of Top 40 singles and Top 20 albums in the U.K. over the next two years: "Trouble" (October 1980); "Mutually Assured Destruction" (Februa ... Read more »
Category: Classic rock | Views: 336 | Added: Rat | Data: 07.09.2010 | Comments (0)

Artist: Leningrad Cowboys
Album: Go Space
Released: 1996
Source: BMG
Genre: rock
Format: eac/ape 337mb


A "theme" CD from the Finnish band with the biggest "Big Hair" in the Galaxy. A little obsessive with the tractors and vodka, but I get a Big Bang out of the rock'n'roll. The Red Army Choir lends its impressive voices and instruments to unlikely hits "Jupiter Calling", "Space Tractor", "Ulan Bator Girls" and "L.A. Doga Beach". My favorite tracks are the plaintive "[Give Me Back My] Leningrad" ("oh no, they've gone and named my home Saint Petersburg...") and the rollicking "Galin ... Read more »
Category: Classic rock | Views: 321 | Added: Rat | Data: 07.09.2010 | Comments (0)

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