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Artist: Brian Setzer
Album: '68 Comeback Special Ignition!
Released: 2001
Source: Surfdog
Genre: Retro-Rock/Rockabilly
Format: eac/ape 315mb


Brian Setzer has enjoyed a 20-year career as pop music's most consistent champion of rockabilly, first as the leader of the Stray Cats in the 80s, followed by solo stints, and a then by a resurgence in popularity in the late '90s fronting a swing orchestra. Setzer's latest incarnation is a return to a trio, named the Brian Setzer '68 Comeback Special. If the name represents homage to Elvis, the trio's disc, Ignition!, represents a return to pur ... Read more »
Category: Classic rock | Views: 386 | Added: Rat | Data: 06.08.2010 | Comments (0)

Artist: Skunk Anansie
Album: Paranoid & sunburnt
Released: 1995
Source: Virgin
Genre: alternative
Format: eac/ape 300mb

Skin is an intense black woman from Brixton sporting a shaved head and powerhouse set of pipes. Set to squealing, no-frills, combat-boot rock with a power funk edge, her lyrics advance a strong social agenda, spelled out in bold capitals by such polemical song titles as "Intellectualize My Blackness," "Little Baby Swastikkka," and "It Takes Blood & Guts to Be This Cool but I'm Still Just a Cliche." The minor downside is that no matter how strongly you agree with the agenda, the forceful ... Read more »
Category: Alternative | Views: 290 | Added: Rat | Data: 06.08.2010 | Comments (0)

Album: From Now On...
Released: 1994
Source: Roadrunner
Genre: hard rock
Format: eac/ape 462mb

Comeback album by the former DEEP PURPLE and TRAPEZE
member. Featured John Norum (EUROPE), Warren De Martini
(RATT), Mark Kendall (GREAT WHITE), Darren Householder
(LOVE/HATE), Richie Kotzen (POISON), Mick Mars (MOTLEY
CRUE), Tony Franklin (THE FIRM, BLUE MURDER) as guests.


1. Pickin' Up The Pieces
2. L ... Read more »
Category: Classic rock | Views: 314 | Added: Rat | Data: 06.08.2010 | Comments (0)

Artist: Bruce Willis
Album: The Return of Bruno
Released: 1987
Source: Motown
Genre: Blue-Eyed Soul
Format: eac/ape 252mb


At the height of Moonlighting mania and after the Seagram's wine cooler commercials showcased his vocal skills, Motown asked Bruce Willis to record a full album of blues, R&B and soul — hence, The Return of Bruno. Willis has more vocal talent than, say, Cybill Shepherd, but he doesn't quite have the conviction or skill of the Blues Brothers. Often, it's difficult to hear him strain for notes on familiar items like "Under the Boardwal ... Read more »
Category: Classic rock | Views: 314 | Added: Rat | Data: 06.08.2010 | Comments (0)

Artist: Skunk Anansie
Album: Stoosh
Released: 1996
Source: Virgin
Genre: Alternative Pop/ Rock
Format: eac/ape 300mb


The second offering from aggro-political rockers Skunk Anansie finds producer Garth Richardson (L7, Rage Against the Machine) at the helm. Frontwoman Skin's vocals grab the listener by the scruff of the neck and demand attention. The rest of the band backs her with a frenzied, yet focused, sonic attack, giving serious punch to tracks like the breakneck "Twisted (Everyday Hurts)" and the lumbering, scathing "We Love Your Apathy." Stoosh finds Skunk Anansie still rag ... Read more »
Category: Alternative | Views: 342 | Added: Rat | Data: 06.08.2010 | Comments (0)

Artist: Joan Jett
Album: The Hit List
Released: 1990
Source: Epic
Genre: hard rock
Format: eac/ape 234mb


From Sly Stone's "Everyday People" to Tommy James & the Shondells' "Crimson & Clover," cover songs have long been one of Joan Jett's strong points. Covers can be a waste of time in the hands of some rockers; but they've always worked well for Jett, who's been wise enough to make sure that her own personality never became obscured when recording other artists' material. The one-time member of the criminally neglected Runaways embraces covers exclusively on The Hit List, ... Read more »
Category: Classic rock | Views: 429 | Added: Rat | Data: 06.08.2010 | Comments (0)

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