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Main » 2011 » January » 15 » Sandra - The Art Of Love (2007)
Sandra - The Art Of Love (2007)

Artist: Sandra 
Album: The Art Of Love 
Released: 2007 
Genre: Euro-Pop 
Format: eac-ape


really think Mrs Cretu has come into her own as an artist, not just as wife of Michael Cretu, producer extraordinaire. No, she doesn't want to repeat herself and do a whole record of dance tracks like in the 80s, nor does she care about commercial success...Sandra's recording art-pop music for herself first, and many of her fans will feel disappointed. Based on most of the reviews here so far, this is true. Me, I'm loving this artistic evolution she is undertaking!!! It has lots of layers, sophistication, and great songwriting. I love how Sandra is incorporating her seductive speaking voice as much as her distinctive singing voice in swell, haunting arrangements. Jens Gad shows he's as great a producer for Sandra as her husband is. Sandra is a very poetic, deep lyricist...this is not shallow stuff by any means. Every word has weight here. The 7 songs she co-wrote are splendid art-pop songs, some could be remixed for clubs, like the first single, the awesome, very melodic "The Way I Am", but they are perfect the way they are. The other 6 songs are great too...3 are tunes brought in by Jens that he wrote for this project it seems. The other 3 are totally inspired cover choices..."Put Your Arms Around Me" is a Sinead O'Connor song, "Casino Royale" was previously recorded as "Sleep" by Swedish artist Jenny Lofgren...a straight cover of "Sleep" is a B-side on "The Way I Am" single...I love the newly added lyrics and Bond theme...the final track and most inspired cover choice is that of the somewhat overlooked 1985 hit "All You Zombies" by Philly powerpoppers [...]...their first hit off their classic debut "Nervous Night", the single before "And We Danced" (was this a huge hit in Germany I wonder??? They were huge in Germany I recall)...they were the backup band on Cyndi Lauper's iconic "She's So Unusual" album from 1983. Sandra's cover is one of THE best covers ever recorded in my opinion, of any song!!! The reimagined arrangement, reggae-ish feel, Sandra speaking the first verse and singing the second, the incorporation of the children's choir...2 of the kids being Sandra's and Michael's 11-year old twin boys Nikita and Sebastian...the choir also does duties on 2 other cuts on "The Art Of Love".

Track List: 
1. What D'Ya Think Of Me 
2. The Way I Am 
3. The Art Of Love 
4. What Is It About Me 
5. Dear God... If You Exist 
6. Silence Beside Me 
7. Once Upon A Time 
8. Put Your Arms Around Me 
9. What's Left To Say 
10. Casino Royale 
11. Love Is The Price 
12. Shadow Of Power 
13. All You Zombies


EAC extraction logfile from 12. April 2007, 20:19 for CD 
Sandra / The Art Of Love 

Used drive  : SAMSUNG CD-R/RW SW-248F   Adapter: 0  ID: 0 
Read mode   : Secure with NO C2, accurate stream, disable cache 
Read offset correction : 97 
Overread into Lead-In and Lead-Out : No 

Used output format : Internal WAV Routines 
                      44.100 Hz; 16 Bit; Stereo 

Other options      :  
     Fill up missing offset samples with silence : Yes 
     Delete leading and trailing silent blocks : No 
     Installed external ASPI interface 

Range status and errors 
Selected range 
      Filename E:\Sandra - The Art Of\Sandra - The Art Of 

      Peak level 99.8 % 
      Range quality 99.9 % 
      CRC 922DC68A 
      Copy OK 

No errors occured 

End of status report

Sandra - The Art Of

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